Export company Nishimoto trade of metal material and a spinning frame machine The export and import to Hong Kong, India, etc. are performed.

Y. Nishimoto Co.,


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Inport and Export duties.
Metal Materials/Textile Machinery Parts.
Y. Nishimoto Co.,

Including Hong Kong/India to the foreign countries.

  • Stainless Steel Strip/Wire/Pipe Sheet and Special Steel.
  • Titanium Wire/Steel ball.
  • Textile machinery Parts.
  • Toys materials
  • Electronic parts.

EXPORT&INPORTERS Metallic Materials Textile Machinery Parts Accessories Sundries etc.

Handling Items

Metal Materials(Non Ferrous Metals)

Stainless Steel Sheet
Titanium Wire
TBC Wire

Textile Machinery

Textile Machinaly Parts.


Steel Ball
Steel Wire Rope
Cutting Disk
Grinding Powder
Component & Materials
for Toys Industry


Electric Parts.


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